v0.3: Blood and Sweat edition

A new version of Voidheart symphony!

In preparation for the kickstarter launch on the 16th, I've put together a new version of the game. Here's the major changes:

  • Only the Crew Covenant is fluid and ebbs and flows during the investigation. All other covenants take Positive Projects to build, and fall thanks to Negative Projects and truly egregious betrayals. You don't start with other covenants, though your starting contacts are a good place to begin looking. (Also, open to ideas for better names than Positive and Negative Projects!)
  • Harm is gone - now, there is only Wounds. This was done to make combat feel more tense and brutal, and make sure the consequences in Return to Reality were kicking in as much as desired.
  • Rewrote certain Playbook and Covenant moves to align them with this new paradigm.
  • Treasures taken from the castle can now be consumed to boost your projects, though the more you take the more you'll appear on the castle's radar.
  • Added an example vassal to the end of the book.


Voidheart Symphony - Moves.pdf 93 kB
Oct 06, 2019
Voidheart Symphony - Rebel Playbooks.pdf 1 MB
Oct 06, 2019
Voidheart Symphony - Covenant Cards.pdf 14 MB
Oct 06, 2019
Voidheart Symphony - Main Book.pdf 14 MB
Oct 06, 2019

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