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Hey folks,

I'm very happy to announce that this update is the release candidate for Voidheart Symphony! I'm sending it out to you now so that you can all have a look and send me anything that urgently needs fixing before we go to print - please download it, give it a read, starts your campaigns, tell all your friends! Please send any feedback you have in to, before the 19th of March. 

Here's a changelog:

System Changes:

  • Locked covenants are now Committed; instead of resetting to Intense at the start of every session, they have an intermediate step between Intense and Faded where they still provide moves.
  • Crises are now binary - imminent and quelled. While they're Imminent, they give ongoing disadvantage to their associated gauge. It only takes a single use of Wolf at the Door to quell them, but the Architect can use a reaction while you're in the castle to make them imminent again. Opportunities don't exist any more - instead a strong hit on The Grind means that the crisis starts quelled.
  •  The Architect can now spend a Breach Reaction to drag all rebels present in a scene with a Breaching Enforcer into the castle.
  • Removed the Bane weapon tag, and baked its effect directly into Lift the Mask.
  • Changed 'Exhaust the Covenant' into 'Evoke the Covenant', providing a more positive theming around fading your covenants and involving contacts more directly in your investigation.
  • Changed Justice's castle move, matching the changes to Stand With Me in the previous version.
    Changed Magician's castle move, matching the changes to crises.
  • Adjusted the outcome of your first delve, such that it grants you Void 1 on victory or World 1 on defeat.
  • Expropriation on a Tier 2+ vassal now only refreshes two gauges.
  • Went through and clarified when Advantage and Disadvantage was fleeting or lasting.
  • Implemented final feedback from my editor and playtesters editor notes.

New Sections:

  • Added advice on changing the investigation mechanics and closing out your campaign.
  • Added an example contact for the Vagabond covenant.
  • Added a sidebar on 'Why play Voidheart Symphony?'
  • Added a section of advice on making your own Covenants.
  • Added an expanded Inspirations section.
  • Added a 'For PbtA Veterans' sidebar.
  • Added a 'blueprint' method for planning the actions of the castle as a whole.
  • Added a sidebar on running a fight scene.
  • Added an extra tier 1 example vassal, the Livestreaming Punk.
  • Added an example of Rebel creation.
  • Added a Move Index at the end of the document.


Voidheart Symphony - Rebel Playbooks.pdf 5 MB
Feb 25, 2021
Voidheart Symphony - All 57 MB
Feb 25, 2021
Voidheart Symphony - Covenant Cards.pdf 12 MB
Feb 25, 2021
Voidheart Symphony - Covenant Reference Sheet.pdf 105 kB
Feb 25, 2021
Voidheart Symphony - Main Book.pdf 42 MB
Feb 25, 2021
Voidheart Symphony - Move Reference Sheets.pdf 144 kB
Feb 25, 2021

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