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Voidheart Symphony is available to preorder now - go there to reserve your physical book or card deck, or if you just want the PDF buy it here and get all future updates.

Voidheart Symphony is a standalone sequel to Rhapsody of Blood, updating that game’s bloodsoaked gothic action to the modern day. The grand bloodlines have disappeared, and the castle now spreads its insidious tendrils throughout your city – gifting terrible power to those who will use it to oppress others, enrich themselves, and tilt this world closer to the void.

But there are some who fight back. Your characters are rebels who have realised the scale of the castle‘s corruption and decided to push back. Without a bloodline’s resources helping them, though, they’ll have to scrounge for adventuring gear. They’ll have to find their own allies willing to help them out. And they’ll have to somehow find a balance between raiding the castle and maintaining their mundane life.

As you play, you’ll jump between the shadow world and the mundane world to hunt down the castle‘s vassals and rob them of their power. You’ll steal some of that power for yourself, growing and changing as it helps you become who you truly wish to be. And as your revolution spreads from your block to your borough to a city-wide uprising, what monsters will the castle unleash to stop the creatures you have become?

Planned Features

  • Mundane world rules focused on resisting society’s pressures and keeping your character healthy, happy and sane.
  • 22 different Covenants to form with the other main characters and supporting characters out there in the world – each with their own perks and ways of improving them.
  • The dramatic action of Rhapsody of Blood’s castle explorations and boss fights, adapted and improved.
  • Seven new rebel playbooks, each with different abilities in the castle and out in the modern world.
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StatusIn development
CategoryPhysical game
AuthorMina @ UFO Press
TagsPbtA, tabletop


Buy Now$19.99 USD or more

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Voidheart Symphony - Main book and Handouts v0.8.zip 39 MB
Rebel Playbooks - new layout.pdf 8 MB

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Covenant Reference Sheet.pdf 270 kB
Move Reference Sheets.pdf 142 kB
Rebel Playbooks.pdf 222 kB

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Just a technical thing, there seems to be a glitch on Itch.io. I went to download this update but the page and my library didn't reflect that I already bought it. I'd gladly pay for it again but I assume this wasn't intended :p

I was able to reach the download page again via the link on the original purchazse confirmation email. This is just an fyi.

Very exciting game - beautiful layout, interesting mechanics. Super super pumped to be testing it out soon!!

thank you so much!

The discord link has expired.

Try this one: https://discord.gg/4ptNe7w


This needs a sequel called Voidheart Melody. Thats just like it, but the battles are all dance battles

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Just purchased this today and I'm love with what I'm seeing so far!

I keep wondering if there's ways  to involve the Minor Arcana in a more significant way. 

Have you thought about making an alternate fortune system using the minor arcana to resolve rolls?

I'm thinking for the mundane world, drawing two A-10 cards and comparing to gauge x2. And maybe for the Castle using court cards, trying to match suits to the suit of the move? The higher the bonus the more cards you can draw?

It probably messes up the math a lot, but I'm wondering if it's a significant enough change. The benefit I see is that Tarot readers could, however, totally color their narration with what meaning the cards evoke. (An athletic success with a 10 of Wands, means probably that the character was able to 'let go of unnecessary weight')

Just some random thoughts! Thank you for this amazing piece of art! 

It's an interesting idea! I've definitely been playing with adding optional tarot-reading elements to the game (see the Minor Covenant table and the final chapter of the new release), but using them for core resolution mechanics is a cool challenge. I'll ponder it and see what I can come up with.

So, here’s what I have so far:

In the city, the GM draws one card per mark in the gauge you’re checking against, and picks one they like best. They interpret it and say why that’s a miss, weak hit or strong hit.

In the castle, you draw one card plus one per stat point, pick one you like best, and interpret it to say why it’s a miss, weak hit or strong hit. (If your stat is -1, draw two and the GM picks which one you use).


You and the GM both provide an interpretation of the chosen card, and the group decides which is more appropriate bearing in mind the advantage you're working with.


Same as Advantage, but the others decide with is more appropriate bearing in mind the penalty you're under.

I didn't want a system where I simply use the card as a random number generator - and hopefully if you have meaning-rich tarot cards to hand and you'd like to use them in a game you'll enjoy the prospect of interpreting them ^_^

It says up the top that I can get a physical copy hit when I follow the link it says it's not available. Will it become avaliable again?

Ah, it's reopened now!

Deleted 199 days ago

Can I get this in the library? I have backed it, but everytime I go download it, I forget, I have to access the link through Backer kit.

I messaged itch support a month or so ago about sending keys out, but it seems like nothing's happened there. I'll try again with the next release, arriving very soon!


Not sure that they fixed it.  I got the email today that there were updated files, and a link to download, but that just took me to the sale page.  I was a KS backer.  Looking forward to the physical version.


I've sent another email over to itch support, fingers crossed things are sorted soon.

Since the game is still up for pre-order, is the pdf you can buy now a complete playable version or is it not going to be *done* done until the actual release date? I loved Rhapsody of Blood and definitely want this game too, but I thought it best to ask if I should jump on it now or wait until the release. 

Hi! If you buy it now, you'll get a playable but non-final version of the game. You'll also get free updates all the way to the game's release and after. It's not done done, but I've had a great time playing the current build and playtest feedback would be very appreciated! ^_^

Decided to take the bait and buy. Holy $%/+, this is actually pretty awesome. I look forward to this coming out!

Thanks for picking it up!

I picked this up almost as soon as you put it up, I loved Rhapsody of Blood's concept and was excited to see your modern day spin on it! Good luck with the kickstarter.

If you're still looking for new names for positive/negative projects, I'd suggest improvement and maintenance, respectively.


Oh, that's neat! I'll try out how it feels in my mind but that might be a winner :D

Any chance for a starter setting? Something with places, characters, secrets and plots.


I'm writing one up at the moment! Hoping to have it done in the next few weeks.


Ok, you got my money. I can't wait to read the full doc. Men, this game deserves a cool set of pictures, an improbable mix between Darkest Dungeon and Persona.
I loved what you did with Rhapsody of Blood!

Jay, this is a wonderful progression of the best World of Legacy. I love what you've done with it.

With all stats starting at -1, does the game start fairly weak and chaotic? I can't envision how that'd play out.


Thanks Aaron! The intent is that you get better pretty quickly, and your chances of success aren’t bad if others are helping you. Also remember that you’ll likely have 2 covenant moves as well, which, if they roll, will be rolling +1.  I might tweak how quickly you gain static when you’re starting out, though.