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Louis Gardner is an esteemed doctor - a physician at a specialist clinic in your city. His walls are covered with degrees from prestigious institutions, awards from professional bodies, and handwritten letters from grateful parents. But that’s not the full story.

The truth is, Dr. Gardner enjoys being in a position of power over their patients. He enjoys the look of gratitude when he listens to a patient’s problems and prescribe the treatment they need. He enjoys rejecting patients he doesn’t feel are worthy, even if they meet the ‘official’ criteria drawn up by lesser doctors. He gets a particular thrill diverting subjects towards the research trials of his friends - that way the patient gets to be a part of the great arc of scientific progress, whether they’e cured or suffer indefinitely.

Now, Dr. Gardner has come to your rebel’s attention. And you're not going to stand for this any longer.

Kill or Cure is a Quickstart adventure for Voidheart Symphony. Included, you'll find:

  • All the rules you'll need for a one-shot adventure of the game.
  • Five pre-generated rebels to pick from: the Innocuous Spymaster, the Rational Occultist, the Fallen Contender, the Seething Patient and the Daring Paramedic.
  • Six pre-made Covenants - NPCs important to your character both fictionally and mechanically.
  • Details on the Vassal you'll be facing, their extradimensional nightmare clinic, minions, traps and more.


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