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Bio-engineered commandos raid a monastery of machine-monks.

A simulation of a dead author struggles to keep creative control.

A cabal of gutter gods uses a child-priest to win power.

Academics and explorers go slowly mad and strange as they hunt the city of Imlutha.

Transmission Burst collects the first year of microgames from the UFO Press Patreon. In this book you'll find diceless, dice-based and card-based games; GM-less and GM-full games; games for a pair of players, for a group of players, for a single player. Grab the book, gets some friends together and visit new worlds!


  • Parasite Vector: An explosive action game of bio-commandos drawing power from their own blood and viscera.
  • The Holy Mountain: A contemplative game of pilgrimage and absolution.
  • Ghost Writer: A dead author and a publishing house wage slave struggle for narrative control.
  • Ill-Gotten Realms: Long cons and larceny in a fantasy land.
  • Escape: In the heart of a labyrinth, the Quarry has completed their mission. Now they just need to get out, but the Stalker is hunting them. 
  • Stardust Contenders: When first contact is immediately followed by an invitation to the Galactic Games, humanity's best athletes, scientists and diplomats must give it their all.
  • Edge of the Galaxy: A starship's crew find themselves as they travel off the edge of the map.
  • Whispers of the Green: Academics, explorers and travellers descend into madness as they search for a lost city.
  • Advent: Members of a community bond and fall out in the run-up to a big cultural festival.
  • Bag of Bones: Ghosts bound together in a bone golem must work together to resolve their unfinished business.
  • Vermin Gods: Gutter deities see a shot at power, through the eyes of a gifted child-priest. 
  • Conclave: Diplomats, negotiators and profiteers meet after a great tragedy to try and come to terms.


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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Here's a twitter play-through of Edge of the Galaxy from this anthology (played solo), featuring an impossible black hole supercomputer oracle, an eco-brutalist ringworld, and trashy sci-fi romance novels!