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They tell you not to get ahead of yourself, to do things by the book. But you’re dedicated to this case and you’re going to make your name solving it.

They tell you to move on. That you have to let this one lie. That there are battles you can’t win. But you know they’re still out there, and you can still make sure justice is done.

They tell you to enjoy retirement. To take up fishing, or jigsaws. But you have cupboards full of files and notes, and maybe the answer is waiting somewhere in them.

In Reflections, you and two other players take the role of a single investigator, chasing down a single case - as the rookie cop trying to prove themselves, as the rogue detective unable to let it go, and as the retiree trying to use their new free time to put old notes together.

The game was inspired by the fragmented storytelling of True Detective Season 3, building a mystery story that's interpreted and re-interpreted through time. To play you'll need three players, an hour or so, and a deck of regular playing cards.


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