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A mashup of Ghost Ship by Jay Iles and Psi*Run by Meguey Baker, Chris Moore and Michael Lingner. To play, you’ll need at least 6 six-sided dice.

Ghost Squadron is a game about death.

First, the death of your body. Your flesh and blood is gone, decaying or reduced to ash. You are a Ghost, created by an experimental brain-scanning procedure, and given life by digital necromancy after the original’s death.

Second, the death of your allies and enemies. Your nation is at war, and what better as soldiers than a program that might think like a person but can be duplicated, backed up and spent as the top brass desires. So in bodies of rugged metal you exchange fire across desert landscapes, infiltrate civilian arcologies, and drop from orbit on enemy emplacements.

Finally, there’s the death of the self. As you become accustomed to servos and wires instead of muscles and nerves, as your memories fill with artefacts and alterations, what will you become?

CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorUFO Press
GenreRole Playing
Tagsroleplaying-game, Sci-fi


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I'm planning on testing this game with some friends.
Would you have a printer-friendly version by chance, please ?

(3 edits) (+1)

Printer-friendly version: https://chezsoi.org/lucas/GhostSquadron-no-bg.pdf

Also, Technoir Twin Cities Metroplex could be a nice companion to get inspiration for some missions.

Thanks for putting this together!


Ghost Squadron plays with your memories, and forces you to watch as your character succumbs to their military form. You are a digital clone occupying a mechanical shell, made for war, but clinging still to the shreds of the person you used to be. As you go on missions you will begin to accrue memory glitches, and if you aren’t careful you will completely lose your past. Ghost Squadron plays with the brilliant resolution mechanics of Psi*Run, where every roll is likely to fail on some front, and you are forced to choose how this failure effects you.