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You’re time criminals. Not going on jaunts across the millennia - the Watchers have that tech locked down. But you can rewind and fast forward, branch and merge timelines. Whether you’re assassins, burglers, spies or vandals, the job is the same: split off a branch from the main timeline, understand it thoroughly, do what needs to be done and reintegrate the branch with the main timeline with a minimum of fuss. Simple, right?

A Stitch in Time lets you play through a time-warping heist in a single session. Make characters, construct timelines, and jump about from past to future as you try and carry out your plot.

To play you'll need:

  • Some friends.
  • Some string, scissors and coloured clips (if playing offline).
  • Access to a shared drawing program (if playing online).
  • A few hours of time.


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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